Irvine Tech President Nicole McMackin on Why Should You Find a Career in Technology

Why Should You Find a Career in Technology by Nicole McMackin,President, Irvine TechCorp

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As a young girl the farthest thing from my mind was technology, even further was finding a career in technology.  I thought technology was for eggheads, nerds, gamers, and basically anyone who had zero personality and was on the fast track to nowhere.  Boy, was I was wrong!   As I entered into the workforce after graduating college, I found that the people who I was impressed by the most, (the entrepreneurs, innovators, brilliant thinkers) were all part of the technology group I formerly shied away from.  Today, I see so many young men and boys using apps and moreover creating technology to innovate and change the world.  Law firms are kept busy by young and old alike filing thousands of patents that will change the world one day. In 2015,  the top paying jobs and most in demand typically fall within the technology sector.  Knowing all of this information, why are young women choosing to stay out of the technology sector?  Don’t they want to take their place as one of the nation’s brilliant minds?

I was at the gym a few weeks back and met a nice lady on the treadmill next to me.  We began talking and she told me she was a middle school technology teacher in Huntington Beach, CA, not too far from where I currently live.  I inquired about her curriculum and student ratios and she told me that out of forty students only two were female.  She said  that the girls thought it was a class for game developers and opted out of the class.  The overview of the class read more like coding and development rather than out of the box thinking and innovation.

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