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  • 20 High Achievers Share the Daily Routines That Make Them Successful

    It's all about repeating the right things day in and out.

    by Christina Desmarais

    Highly successful people generally share similar tendencies. They get up before the crack of dawn, proactively manage their health, and know what to do with their money. They appreciate the value of a good night's sleep, a restorative vacation, and a well-written book. And they're faithful to certain routines proved over time to work. Check out these quotes from 20 successful people who credit simple daily habits for helping them get ahead in business and life.

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  • In the IT world, efficiency matters

    The trick is to be efficient without adding to the stress of the job. These are some great ways to do both!

    Efficiency hacks for IT: 6 tips for getting things done!

    Use these tips from seasoned IT pros to re-architect your day for maximum impact with minimal stress.

    By Mary K. Pratt

     Everyone is busy these days, sure, but research shows that most people are wasting chunks of time throughout their day, whether it's fiddling with the latest tech toy or responding to every email that lands in their inbox.

     For those in the technology field, time management is an even tougher task, says Laurie Gerber, co-president of Handel Group Life Coaching. "IT people have this added thing that people constantly need them. It's always an emergency," Gerber says.

     More importantly, Gerber says these folks are spending precious time on tasks that don't match up with their priorities and responsibilities.

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  • The Mac Observer's Live Podcast with Nicole McMackin

    Our president Nicole McMackin was interviewed by John Martellaro on this inspiring live Podcast.

    Nicole opens up about her background, her desire to become a litigator, her graduation from UCI and planning for a career as an attorney. What was crucial in her life was the influence of her parents, and later, a major life decision: deciding to marry her highschool and college sweetheart or go to law school. Nicole tells a great sroty about her personal determination to succeed and how she now helps young women do the same.

    by John Martellaro

  • When Women Lead, Companies Often Prosper

    Often I am interviewed and asked about successful women in the workplace and my views on being one of the few to break the glass ceiling in the technology sector. 

    My response has always been that I never saw a glass ceiling, so I did not provide myself an excuse not to break through it.

    But various articles and statistics about women in leadership roles in the United States do prove that there is a disparity of women leaders in the workplace. Currently, The Fortune 500 is led by only 25 female CEOs. In a recent study conducted by Pew Research Center, 34 percent of respondents surveyed believe that male executives are better than women executives at assuming risk.

    Moreover, when asked about specific industries women could support, a significant portion felt that men would do a better job leading technology, finance, and oil and gas companies, whereas women would be strongest at running retail and food companies.

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  • Our President, Nicole McMackin was featured in The Power Player Magazine on women in technology!

    Why We Should All Be Rooting For Women In Technology

    There is plenty of data illuminating the positive effects regarding the growing share of women in the business world.

    The fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in America is women, who are launching businesses at 1.5 times the national average. When you let women be themselves in corporate settings, good things happen, according to a report from the Harvard Business Review. Even Kevin O’Leary of “Shark Tank” fame says that of his 27 companies, only the ones with female CEOS make him money.

    But Nicole McMackin, president of Irvine Technology Corp. (www.irvinetechcorp.com), which specializes in information technology staffing and solutions, worries that similar progress in gender diversity isn’t being made in technology.

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