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  • 7 Salary-Negotiating Secrets Every Woman Needs to Know

    7 Salary-Negotiating Secrets Every Woman Needs to Know

    So, you nailed the interview and got the job offer—but it’s not anywhere near the salary range you expected. Or you’re job hunting and you stumble on when asked those awkward ‘what are you making now?’ questions. You’re definitely not alone—it’s a universal truth that talking money can be hugely uncomfortable.

    Specifically, going back and forth on salary negotiation, something required for you to make the money you deserve. It’s so not worth it to be polite and accept a lowball offer then regret when you’re not paying off your student loans, saving as much as you’d hoped, or just feel overworked and underpaid—a cliché that potentially could be avoided if you know your worth and learn to advocate for yourself on the front end before you accept the job.

    Since this is a dicey topic, we consulted three women who know what they’re talking about, and got their top tips for negotiating to get the salary you want and deserve.

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  • From front-end engineering to product management, here are five of the highest-paying tech jobs to date based on the national average.

    5 high-paying tech jobs and how to land them

    5 high-paying tech jobs and how to land them

    by TNW Deals

    Given the massive surge in tech startups over the past few years, it’s no question that the industry is booming–and looking for skilled professionals. Of course, to get in on this 21st century gold rush, you’ll need a strong background in computer science, marketing or business. But with little visibility into annual salaries, we’re left wondering which career path will lead you to the biggest paycheck?

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  • The tech industry has a long way to go, but progress is being made each day.

    Women aren't even getting many entry-level jobs in the tech industry

    by Samantha Cooney

    Women aren't even landing many entry-level jobs in the tech industry, per a new report — but proceed with caution before chalking it up to a problem with the talent pool.

    According to the report, from McKinsey, women in the tech industry hold only 37% of entry-level jobs. That number is significantly lower than the 47% of women who, on average, are offered entry-level positions in other industries. 

    Those numbers get smaller as positions get more prestigious. Women in tech hold 30% of the managerial positions, 25% of the senior manager or director roles, 20% of the vice president titles, and 15% of roles in the c-suite.

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  • 10 Tips for Finding the Best Career Fit In a Startup

    by Martin Zwilling

    Today is the new age of the entrepreneur, and I see an increasing number of new startups as the economy stabilizes. For new aspiring entrepreneurs, that’s the good news and the bad news, as it increases opportunities, but also increases the startup risk. Thus I often recommend taking a job in a startup first, to build connections and learn what you can, before stepping into the lead role.

    Yet finding the right startup for your job interests and skills, or having them find you, is no small challenge. Startups generally don’t have the money or time for executive searches or large job boards, and many don’t even know what to look for. Other entrepreneurs don’t even realize that they badly need a co-founder or team leader who can complement their own skills.

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