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Our ITC Interactive team, specializes in efficiently matching the best freelance and full-time creative digital professionals with the clients who need their services. We represent elite talent who are passionate about their craft and skilled in their areas of expertise. Our dedicated team will partner with you to find exactly the solution you need in order to reach your goals. ITC Interactive is committed to vigorously vetting each candidate we represent: from background and skill sets to cultural fit and enthusiasm for their careers, we are steadfast in the process of finding the right expertise for each area of your creative digital needs.

Why Choose ITC?

In the Interactive Staffing business pretty much everyone shares the same “differentiators.” Companies all talk about their unique recruiting methodology, the size of their world class proprietary database, and how strong their team is at technical screening. Some throw in a few hooks about their unbeatable guarantees or the names and logos of a few high profile clients. Those things are all great, but with everyone shouting the same message, doesn’t it all just sound like a whole lot of noise?

At ITC, we’re not going to spend time selling you on the latest and greatest approach to Interactive Recruiting or our outstanding track record of delivering successful Creative Digital Resources. We consider those things to be a given.

Instead, we like to focus on our dedicated team of elite recruiting and Interactive professionals, a customer-centric crew that’s among the best and most motivated in the business. We know that focusing on people as a differentiator is tricky. None of us is perfect – not by a long shot – but we stand by our team and organize ourselves around a core set of Values that our employees helped to define. We think that says a lot about our company - and about the caliber of people we have working here.

More importantly, what that means is when you engage ITC as a staffing partner, you’re not just getting a sales person or brand name – you’re getting an entire ecosystem of motivated professionals that’s fully committed to your success. That’s a pretty powerful differentiator, no matter how you slice it.

If we sound like the kind of Recruiting partner you’re looking for, pick up the phone and give us a call. We’d love the opportunity to earn your business, and are confident you’ll feel great about the value our team provides. Of course we should mention that the entire “normal” differentiators come standard with the package…guaranteed!

ITC is able to provide our clients with work classification options, thereby allowing us to provide the most efficient and effective resources for your Interactive projects.

 IT Staffing Contract Interactive Staffing Contract:  ITC has the capacity to source, screen and retain top technical resources by leveraging our experienced recruiting and staffing team.

 Direct Hire Placement Direct Hire Placement:  At ITC, we invest the time at the front end of the engagement process to truly understand what each client is looking for

 Executive Search Executive Search:  ITC is uniquely positioned to support Executive Searches in the field of Creative Digital.

We are excited to support your organization in the following areas:


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